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Dümler & Breiden

West-German Vase - Dümler & Breiden

West-German Vase - Dümler & Breiden

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This West-German jug shaped vase is in very good condition - complete with original sticker. That made my research quite a bit easier! HOHR denotes that it was made in the Höhr-Grenzhausen region of West-Germany; and the DB logo belongs to Dümler und Breiden. Shape number 1000, as stamped on the bottom. Lovely drip glaze in shades of brown, with gold details to finish. This piece is most likely post-war and probably no later than the 1960s. I have seen other examples with this glaze from the same time period. There are no chips or cracks, just a tiny bit of light crazing on the inner rim by the gold. Measures approximately 7.5 cm tall. The stamp number 9 on the bottom will refer to its size, so there will be other sizes of this shape out there somewhere

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